Do you use a time management system?

Absolutely, in fact I don’t think any manager can be effective without using a time management system. One of the most important things required to insure success with Management By Objectives is the follow up to the key strategies associated with each objective. Each key strategy has an associated completion date and as managers, we need to make sure we monitor the progress at agreed upon times prior to the actual completion date.

There is nothing worse than a manager who assigns objectives and then does not follow up with the employee on the agreed upon dates. This says to the employee that the objectives and strategies are not really important to the manager or the team. On the other hand, a manager who always meets with the employee at the agreed upon review times is reinforcing the importance of completing all objectives on time and it also a great way to maintain employee morale at a high level.

Dan Stewart
Mr. Objectives
Twitter: @MrObjectives

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